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eknkasonga BLOGGED: NZD/USD 0003

Short, the market was in a range for about 2 days. The price started to move up due to the consumer confidence report. I manually closed the trade in order to prevent any further loss. Loss $10:52


eknkasonga BLOGGED: USD/JPY 0002

Opened long position, the market rallied up, i moved my stop twice, the first time to break even and the second time to a profit zone. The market ended up taking out my stop due to the consumer confidence report....


eknkasonga BLOGGED: AUD/USD 0001

Short 100 units, the trade went in my favour so I moved my stop to breakeven. Closed out for a breakeven trade.   I opened a second position with 6874 units, lost $20.48. 


StonOrtam BLOGGED:


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Spirit1 BLOGGED: Trade 1,2 update

14 days and 8 days in to trade and both stops are set to break even as per plan. Need experience with exiting, that's next.