don555's Trading Plan

Roughly how much time do you dedicate to developing your trading skills per week?

10 Hours/Week

2 hours per day amounting to 10 weekly

What kind of currency pairs do you trade?

Majors Euro Crosses Yen Crosses Pound Crosses Minor Crosses

All of the above give me a varied choice

What motivates you to be a trader?

To hopefully make some money on a consistent basis

Using a percentage based on the value of your account, how much do you expect to make per month?

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25% might seem over realistic, but as much as possible as long as  I stick to my plan 

Which timeframe do you use most often?

1Day Charts

I would like to trade a 4 hr and 1hr at the same time using PA signals  unless somone can show me a better way to trade

What trading-related goals do you have?

To be self sufficent and be able to bank some money as I get older because it seems like it is going to be  a very bleak future

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